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There are several types of Nesconset tents available. Please contact our office to determine what types of Nesconset Tent Rentals we have available for for your party, affair or event.

There are several types of tents available. Please contact our office to determine what types of tents we have available for for your party, affair or event.

Pole supported tents

A tent that features individual poles arranged under the fabric roof to support and shape the structure. The fabric roof has tension over the poles and also the attached to ropes or cables at several locations around the edges. The cables are anchored to the ground using stakes in the dirt or grass and weights around the tent. Pole supported tents have been around for many years and are the oldest method in tent industry. Pole supported tents remain the most popular tents in the United States.

Pipe frame supported

A tent assembly made of aluminum pipes that supports the roof and defines the shape of the tent. The framework allows the tent to stand by itself without any additional support. It does however require the same cable anchoring method as a pole supported tent. Pipe frame supported tents are popular for events that require smaller tents. Most companies make units as small as 5 X 5 feet  that are easy to set up. They are also suitable for smaller events that require make interior supports unnecessary. Pipe supported tents are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes.


Box-beam frame-supported tent
This tent is assembled by a framework of box beam arches that support the roof and define the shape of the structure. The stronger construction of the aluminum frame makes these tents suitable for larger or longer-term applications. The box beam tent also allows for large areas of unobstructed space under the tent roof.

Tensile tent

This type of tent shares some some of the characteristics of the pole supported tent, but relies more on a tension system. By intensifying the tension to resist applied loads and shape the fabric roof means less of a traditional support structure is needed to maintain it. One of the more modern tent designs, tensile tents tend to be more sculpted in appearance than traditional tents.

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